Instructions for Authors Seeking Feedback

Welcome to The Venue Poll (TVP), a blog designed to help Philosophers get feedback from other Philosophers on where to send their work for prospective publication.

This blog is a work in progress. What follows is tentative. Policies may change in future.

Abstracts will be published at a rate of one or two per week, on Monday (and Thursday) mornings at 9:00am (Eastern), depending on the rate of submission.

If you are working on a paper and would like to submit it to TVP for feedback, please follow these instructions:
  1. Write an abstract for your paper of no more than 500 words.
  2. Create a list of keywords (minimum: 2, maximum: 5).
  3. Email your abstract, keywords, and a tentative word count for your paper to Placing the abstract, etc. in the body of the email is preferable, but you may also attach them as a single Word or PDF file.
  4. Optional: In addition to the required elements above, you may send along a 1-2 page excerpt from your paper (as a separate Word or PDF attachment) so as to give potential commentors a sense of your writing style, the format of your paper, etc.
  5. Please include in your email any other information you would like posted. For example, you might wish to indicate if the paper in question has already been rejected by one or more venues, or if you are especially looking for a venue with typically quick turnaround.
  6. Please note: By default, all publications will be anonymous so as to avoid problems with blind review down the line. If you would like to have your name and/or other information published alongside your abstract, please include this in your submission email.
  7. Wait for a reply email from the Editor, which will include a tentative date of publication for your piece. Should the proposed publication date fall during a time when you are likely to be too busy to converse with your commentors, please let alert the Editor ASAP.
During your tenure as Current Author, you will be given access to the email address. Unless you are not posting anonymously, you should use this address for all discussion with commentors, whether on the blog or via email. Commentors will be made aware of the address so that they can email you if they have something to say that, for some reason, does not belong in the comments section on the blog itself. Therefore, to maximize the usefulness of the blog, please make sure to check frequently for comments both on the blog and in the Current Author inbox.

Please note that once the next Author takes over, you will no longer have access to the Current Author email account and all messages in the inbox will be deleted. If you have received any important emails to that account, please forward them to your regular email address before the next Author takes over. Please note that the Editor will also have constant access to this email account. The Editor will not read emails in the account, but should you send or receive any sensitive information, for your own peace of mind you are encouraged to delete the relevant messages and empty the trash yourself.
Should the date of publication need to change for any reason, the Editor will contact you. Otherwise, you will receive a reminder email one week before publication of your abstract. All questions should be sent to