Instructions for Commentors

Welcome to The Venue Poll (TVP), a blog designed to help Philosophers get feedback from other Philosophers on where to send their work for prospective publication.

This blog is a work in progress. What follows is tentative. Policies may change in future.

Abstracts will be published at a rate of one or two per week, on Monday (and Thursday) mornings at 9:00am (Eastern), depending on the rate of submission. While comments will remain open on older threads, commentors are strongly encouraged to focus on the current abstract.

Please note the following:
  • The purpose of this blog is to offer the Author feedback concerning what venue is most appropriate for their work. In many cases, as we all know, Authors will not be published in their first choice journal. Please take this into consideration in your comments by suggesting multiple venues and perhaps ordering them, rather than just always listing the top journal in an area.
  • The purpose of this blog is not primarily to offer substantive feedback on the Author's work. Of course, there may be cases where substantive feedback is relevant, e.g., should you believe that a change in focus would increase the Author's chance of publication in a particular journal. However, the main focus of all comments should be what journals (or other venues) would be most appropriate for publication of the paper under consideration, including both obvious questions of fit as well as the difficulty of getting published in the venue in question, the typical response time, etc. 
  • Please make sure to read the entire post before commenting. In addition to the abstract itself, there may be notes from the author (e.g., "already rejected from Journal X" or "looking for a quick turnaround") that are relevant to your comments.
  • Please try to limit your comments to information that is likely to be representative of the various venues you discuss. The fact that you had a single bad experience with a particular journal, for example, is likely not sufficient reason to recommend not publishing there (unless it was really bad).
  • It is fine for you to respond to what other commentors have said. Please, though, remember to keep your eye on the prize. The goal here is to provide feedback to the current Author. Overly tangential discussions about particular venues, etc. should be avoided. 
  • That being said, this blog may, at times, post discussions about venues in addition to its normal publication of abstracts. If there is an issue that you wish to discuss (or one the Editor sees being focused on in a thread) there may be space for a new thread dedicated to the issue in question. If you have suggestions for such a thread, especially if you would like to offer a guest post, please email
  • During the Author's assigned time, the Author will be given access to the email address. This will allow Authors to post anonymously on the blog (their comments will appear as from Current Author). Should you wish to contact the Author during their allotted time, you may email them at that address. Please note that whenever a new abstract is published, all emails in the Current Author inbox will be deleted and the previous Author will no longer have access to the account.
For now, I will be leaving comment moderation off, but will be requiring people to sign in to comment. One or both of these policies may change in future, depending on how things go.

 All questions should be sent to