Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Welcome to The Venue Poll!

Welcome to The Venue Poll (TVP), a new blog dedicated to helping Philosophers find the best venues for publishing their work. 

Many of those in the profession have, either through years of experience, concerted effort, or both, garnered a wealth of knowledge concerning what venues are best for what sorts of papers, how difficult various venues are to get published in, etc. Some of this information is general enough that it can be represented in tables and such (check out the Resources page for some). But it seems that in many cases authors would benefit from specific feedback concerning where to send particular papers.

With that in mind, TVP will be publishing abstracts from Philosophers looking to get relevant feedback on where to send a paper they are working on. TVP readers are encouraged to offer any relevant comments. Before commenting, please make sure to read the Instructions for Commentors page in its entirety.

TVP is now open for submissions. If you have a paper you are working on and would like feedback on where it would best be placed, please head to the Instructions for Authors Seeking Feedback page.

TVP will begin publishing abstracts in mid-to-late October. In the meantime, readers are encouraged to take a look around the site and offer up any suggestions concerning format, etc. All questions and comments should be directed to the Editor at thevenuepoll@gmail.com.

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